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Fast typing: My first liveblogging experience

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I’m always up to learn something new.

That’s why as soon as I realized last week was the CMU Board of Trustees meeting, I jumped at the opportunity to do something I had never done before: liveblog.

Liveblogging is the act of covering an event or some other procedure with the reporter typing out what is happening as it’s happening. It can be used for covering government meetings, sporting events, even court cases. It’s a great way to tell people what is happening as it happens, and, if using a program such as Cover It Live,  it also allows for readers and followers to ask questions and start discussion.

For this meeting, there were not that many people jumping into the liveblog (although University Communications did to answer a question I didn’t know the answer to). There was one journalism professor that jumped in, and what seemed to be like a few students, mostly asking what was up with the university’s proposed budget cuts. They were curious as to if the university administration had discussed anything with the university’s governing body, the Board of Trustees, would discuss any of Interim University President Kathy Wilbur’s plans for proposed budget cuts to combat the decrease in state appropriations.

For me, the challenge in liveblogging was keeping up on writing a post, even if it was one sentence. Especially if the board recognized someone, because I did not have the agenda readily available to get their name correct. Dealing with questions was not as difficult, because there were not that many to field.

But keeping up is something that takes practice, and can lead to becoming a better journalist. If a liveblogger is able to identify quickly the important points of a presentation or meeting, they are better suited to write their story afterward focusing on more detail rather than going back and reviewing the basics.


Written by David Veselenak

February 22, 2010 at 1:24 am

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