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Moving east: I’m headed to Detroit to begin covering Redford for the Observer and Eccentric

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I’ve waited a while before making this official on the Internet, but its finally time.

I am making a job change, moving from Heritage Media in Washtenaw County to the Observer and Eccentric newspapers in Wayne and Oakland counties, later this month.

I’ll be covering Redford Township, which lies directly west of Detroit and east of Livonia.

I’m excited about the opportunity, and to return to the area I grew up, which is to the northeast in Royal Oak. I’ve truly enjoyed working in Washtenaw County, spending a lot of my time in Manchester and Saline, but I’m excited for new opportunities.

I’ve learned a lot about covering local news at Heritage, and it’s been a great experience working the online desk and managing web efforts. I’ve enjoyed becoming a face of the paper in Manchester, and hope to replicate that in Redford.

Thank you to my boss, Michelle Rogers, for the opportunity to hire me into my first job. Washtenaw County is a great place to cover, with a wide range of diversity and events. I had the opportunity to cover higher education, local government and even chase some police news. Working at Heritage was the right move for me back in 2010, and I’m happy I made the move.

I’ll be back living in Metro Detroit (Southfield, to be exact), and I’ll be spending a lot of my time in Redford, as well as at the Detroit Free Press/Detroit News building in downtown Detroit. I’m looking forward to it.


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May 4, 2012 at 6:20 pm

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Branching out: I’m blogging other places, too

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It’s difficult to update this blog when you’ve got several other things running, both journalism and non-journalism

A screenshot of another blog I host, entitled "Lacing up my hiking boots," a look at the Michigan outdoors from my perspective.


In the last seven months, I’ve gone from starting at a chain of weeklies as a timid fresh ex-intern, and have grow significantly since in my online and community reporting habits.

I’ve also spent my time blogging at other places, which explains the diminished amount of posts here. Here’s a look at where my blogging skills have been utilized elsewhere:

  • The Wire, the staff blog for The Manchester Enterprise, has been my main blogging home. Since my former copy editor left in early March, I’ve made it a goal of mine to keep the blog fresh and updated routinely, a goal I’m happy to say I’ve done. At least one post a week on this blog, and it’s mostly dedicated to the Greater Manchester area and events there. I venture to state issues sometimes, including this post about the redistricting plans for Michigan, and this one about a bill proposing banning pit bulls in the state of Michigan.
  • Less frequently, I’ve blogged at the Idealab blog for Heritage Media, my current place of employment. Mostly, this is blogging in regards to our experimentation with online reporting tools, and my boss uses it to keep track of her Idealab project, a project being run by Journal Register Company. So far, the only post I’ve got on there is a detailed explanation of using UMapper, although I plan on doing another one on Storify, the fantastic storytelling service through social media.
  • I’ve recently launched a more specialized blog to a non-journalistic interest I’ve had since I was young: the Michigan outdoors. The last few years, I’ve really noticed how beautiful and wonderful the State of Michigan is, so I’ve decided to dedicate some of my skills to writing about the Wolverine State. It’s my first “niche” blog writing, so I’d gladly take any advice from bloggers out there!
  • Finally, I’ve been enlisted by my former boss and roommate Brian Manzullo to guest blog at a website he has recently launched called JournU. It’s a site he has envisioned as a place for young and student journalists to share advice, stories, tips and other tidbits. It’s something that hopefully will inspire some younger journalists, since it can be such a scary time to be interested in the media right now.
I do plan to utilize this blog more, and I apologize to any loyal readers (do I have those?). I plan to update my story list, as well as multimedia posts soon as well. In the meantime, check out some of the other places I’m penning my work.

Written by David Veselenak

August 11, 2011 at 8:44 pm